Monday, 28 July 2014

Vi Subversa ( Frances Sokolov Sanson;b; 20/6/34) - Song: Persons Unknown

Born of East European Jewish parents. Spending two years in Israel in the late 1950's, before returning to the UK. Artist, poet, performer, visionary. Lyric  writer, singer and front person for seminal band the Poison Girls, the first anarchist feminist rock band, which between  1977 and 1989 was a potent force in the international peace movement playing hundreds of gigs in the UK, Europe, Scandivania and the USA. A truly amazing, inspiring individual. Here's to all the persons unknown.

This is a message to persons unknown
persons in hiding / persons  unknown
survival in silence isn't good enough no more
keeping your mouth  shut / head in the sand
terrorists and  saboteurs / each  and every one of us
hiding in shadows / persons unknown

hey there mr average/ you don't exist/ you never did
hiding in shadows / persons unknown
habits of hiding soon will be the death  of us
dying in secret from poisons unknown

this is a message to persons unknown
strangers and passers-by / persons unknown
turning a blind eye / hope  to go unrecognised
keeping your secrets / persons unknown

housewifes and prostitutes / plumbers  in boiler suits
truents in coffee bars / you think  you're alone
big men on building sites/ sick men in dressing gowns
agents in motor cars who  never go home

women in factories / one parent families
women in purdah / persons  unknown
wild girls and criminals / rotting in prison cells
patients in corridors / persons unknown

statistics on balance sheets / numbered and rubber-stamped
blind and invisible / you're  lost in your homes
liggers and  layabouts / lovers on roundabouts
wake  up in the morning with persons unknown

accountants in nylon shirts / feminists in floral skirts
nurses for when it hurts / persons unknown
astronauts and celibates / deejays and hypocrites
Liars and lunatics / persons unknown

hopefully  on football pools / teachers in  empty schools
kids into heroin / not yet fully grown
typists and usherettes / black men who can't forget
the lonely who long for persons unknown

closet idealists /  bald-headed realists
rastas and bikers / the voice on the phone
pimps and economists / royalty and communists
rioters and pacifists /persons unknown

visionaries  with coloured hair / leather boys who just don't care
garter girls with time to spare / persons unknown
judges with prejudice / dissidents and anarchists
policemen deal dirty tricks to persons unknown

strikers and pickets / collectors of tickets
radical architects / the queen on her throne
soldiers in uniform / sailors and stevedores
 beggars and bankers / perjurors and men of law

football crowd hooligans / bunkin' of scool again
workers down tools again / united's at home'!
smokers with heart disease / cleaners of lavatories
the old with their memories /persons unknown

flesh and blood are who we are / flesh and  blood are what we are
flesh and blood are who we are / our cover is blown
flesh and blood are who we are / our cover is blown
flesh and blood are who we are / flesh and blood are who we are
flesh and blood are who we are / our cover is  blown

Poison Girls - Persons Unknown


  1. Top bleedin hole!
    I just finished a sculpting session, usually on a come down by now.
    But that was a beautiful side step, keeping my Self in amongst the giddy heights of creativity...mmmm

    1. nice one...may your pursuit of the giddy heights of creativity be a golden one...

  2. 'Invisible people, show yourselves.
    People in hiding, come out.
    Say what you want. Show who you are.
    Reclaim the life that is left.
    Those who desire peace and freedom must create a new economy.
    The economy of peace will depend on a currency of trust.
    Invisible people, show yourselves.
    There are more of us than you think.'
    Vi Subversa.
    Nuff said...

    1. cheers Roy.. regards all the best...speak soon.