Friday, 11 July 2014

What's the difference between Palestine and Israel.

This post is dedicated to my mum and dad, and all those others perplexed by my take on recent events.
For Fuck's sake, the difference  between the Palestinians and Israelis is that the Palestinians have no military base - the struggle is akin   to David and Goliath.  WE,  I and other colluders - gave away Palestinian land in  1948 -  when we had no right whatsoever to do so - it was underhand shenanigans - and as it has turned out highly dangerous and volatile.
The recent attacks by Israel have been described as COMBAT?
A funny form of COMBAT, because where for instance are the Palestinian warplanes? Where is the Palestinian army? Where are  the Palestinian tanks?
At the end of the day Israel  murders and the world's governments are silent ( not just silent but complicit in it from  the start - the US arming Israel to the teeth so as to have another strong Military in the Middle East?
Don't look at the BBC to find this out, they will not point out that a society that supposedly values and  is apparently prepared for peace, it's people celebrate the murder of innocent civilians.
The mainstream media, wants us to demonise the victims. Israel denies and ignores all international law, continues to steal land, the Palestinians, those on the other side so to speak, remain imprisoned. bombarded by air, sea, and land.
So mum and dad if you have read this far, this is why I wont shut up. All human but the real difference between Israel and Palestine should not go by unnoticed. These are the real barriers to peace.
Remember too, that civilians are dying. Israeli airstrikes  in the past few days have killed at least  83 people, including 21 children aged 16 and younger.
More than enough reasons for us not to remain silent.

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