Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Real NATO Agenda

On 4-5th September NATO meets at the Celtic Manor in Newport South Wales. Supposedly meeting to strengthen partnerships and forge alliances around issues of national security and protection of vital resources, this video  reveals for the first  time  the Real NATO Agenda.
Wales  could see its  biggest protests in a generation as  world leaders  meet  planning  their war on the world.
War is the enemy of the poor. At this years  summit the US will be pressuring Western Powers to increase their already huge military budgets at a time when poverty and inequality are soaring. The worlds 85 richest  people have as much as  poorest 3.5 billion.
Money into war is money out of our communities. In the UK, 500,000 people had to resort to food banks last year.
None of the cuts would be necessary if the sums Britain spends  on its military and armanents were invested in social need instead of the war machine.
This autumn the powerful will make their voices heard at the NATO summit. We must make sure  that the voice of the millions  around the world who need peace and justice  is also heard.

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The protests have already started. Yesterday there was a successful event in Cardiff, where protestors  managed to disrupt army recruiters, managing to close down  the "Career Centre" for 2 hours. Onwards to NATO.

The message on the banner translates as :-


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