Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Support the strike on 10 July

Pay freezes and below inflation pay rises have reduced public sector workers pay  by 20% since the rotten coalition Government came to power in 2010 Public sector pensions have  been attacked and public services  have been slashed across the country. So this is why I will be  supporting up to 2 million people out on  a coordinated strike action across the country tomorrow  being planned by  among others the  NUT, GMB, FBU, PCS . Lets make sure  that the strikers  are supported in our communities. Remember that they are fighting for us all, as they give the coalition a message that they can't ignore.
We should also remember those unemployed existing on depivation levels, with benefit sanctions,  the thousands of workfare victims, the disabled under attack, all those suffering under the coalitions draconian policies. The Tories and their friends  are not looking after us but  together in solidarity we can, they can't ignore us, when they see us all fighting back.


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