Thursday, 17 July 2014

I'm tired, but not not quitting yet.

Sometimes just opening your eyes in the morning is the most painful thing you could ever do,
but from our hearts dark  secrets off the soul have to be  released,
even when the sun shines,  their is a realisation that somewhere outside,
their are thousands suffering constantly more than we can ever realise.
People constantly tired because their  hopes daily are taken away with tyranny,
with weary hands  some of us reach for pen,
because  bad behaviour often makes us tired of waiting,
so now is the time to get rid of  greed and oppression,
to awaken  thoughts of gladness, to blossom  fragility,
the lack of sympathy and empathy that governs our lands.
I'm tired of waiting, for people to awake,
but if your listening world, I'm not giving up yet,
so will hang around now, wait for some change.

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