Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Tories can they sink any lower?

Yes they definitely can...first we have the news that the Tories pocketed £160,000 from a mate of Putins - and that  over 400 Russian  oligarchs have been given visas for a million squid a go. This after Camerons sanctimonious  rant about sanctions over the Malaysian airline atrocity. It turns out that amongst the hundreds of fat defence contracts signed with Russia,  was one for  anti-aircraft components. We sold Putin anti-aircraft componements! ( Remember it was the tories  who also flogged   some camouflage gear to A CERTAIN  S. Hussein just in time for the first Gulf War, which left our own soldiers short, forced to  buy their own gear. But then I would expect nothing less than the Tories. To see the full extent of Cameron's hypocricy, as he mumbles and makes calls for sanctions, see how he still receives backhanders and his governments  continuing complicity  in Israels brutal assult on Gaza.

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