Thursday, 3 July 2014

The night is long faced.

The night is long faced
accustomed as it is to misfortune
every night the Palestinian
under occupation, since 1948
tries to sleep in its shadow.

It's people killed everyday
children left as  orphans,
daily it is hit, in the face
and in the guts,
again and again
until this process
starts to feel normal.

This is the taste of occupation
people learning  to live  in fear everyday,
knowing that any minute, their front door
could be kicked down, trying to stay human,
trying desperately to stay sane
knowing that  their children, mothers and fathers,
may never return home again.

The  children are seen as terrorists,
for simply using slingshots against tanks
and fierce looking  men with machine guns
the media  likes to portray them as perpetrators
its people as the enemy,
while turning the bully 
into a victim. 

In the mornings, seeds of bitterness spread
as grim days stretch out this peoples agony,
and the longing for their liberation
and though Palestine does not exist on the map
it exists  in the hearts of millions around the world.

Like the night, they have learnt
that with warm buds of thirst,
freedom is existence, and survival is resistance 
and that  one day, from the rivers to the sea ,
with hope on their sides, they will be free.


  1. Thank you for standing by our Palestinian brothers and sisters Dave - we are all potentially a voice for their freedom - a freedom free of persecution day in day out. You are one person who does not forget, ever - may you grow into many and fill the whole world.

  2. Thanks....and warm regards...solidarity forever. Many others do not forget anymore either.

  3. we must carry on the voices that are sadly so often silenced.

  4. It exists in my heart Dave...and you've played the staring role in putting it there.

  5. cheers spike..... kettle on when not in library.xx

  6. elizabeth morley12 July 2014 at 11:39

    Thank you for having a human heart and caring, Dave.

  7. thank you Dave, brought tears to my eyes, bless you
    and what you do..

  8. cheers...and much appreciated , solidarity and regards.....

  9. cheers much appreciated...regards.