Wednesday, 6 January 2016


( old unfinished poem just touched up, thanks Mr T.C)

Authority likes to shake its head,
Find ways to stop us from doin what we want,
Reasons to prevent us from enjoying life to the full,
Creates legislation to dissuade us from being free,
Turns us into puppets that they can move at will.
Authority enjoys making rules, 
That leave us tumbling about in confusion,
Acts as a catalyst that fuses unrest in rebellious minds,
A turbulence in every turning page of history,
An imprisoner of disobedient thought,
But cannot deny you without being wrong,
Unable to stop setting sun, a moving sea, paths of defiance.
But remember we are all authorities in our own right,
We can tell ourselves what we want to do,
And when we don't want to,
To be laws upon ourselves,
Be your own authority,
Cultivating different paths.
That always, always questions. 

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