Monday, 11 January 2016

Starman :- for David Bowie ( 8/1/47 -10/1/16) R.I.P

Friend called round,yesterday to give me copy of Mr Bowies new work, , Blackstar, got to listen to it  twice last night before heading to bed.Thought it was amazing, actually was blown away.
 This morning got a text to say that David had passed away. He was a true inspiration, that I'm sure must have influenced my earlier black liner days, any way words kind of fail me,  but here's some anyway, a  cut up, for David Bowie. R.I.P beautiful light. Remember no one is perfect.


Restless spirit
soars  back into the future
there's an arc this early morn
a rainbow in mournful flight
each blade of grass glistening
jewelled lights glowing
starman sails the seas
views the land
to abandon weary world
a sky of heartbeat butterflies
frozen sighs
singing tonques
sleepy world whispering
dancing lights twisting
through ultra violet
to become electricity in thunderbolts
marks of eternity
eyes dance again with earnest mischief
blazing meteor  carried on the game of chance
noiser than a candle flame
encloses us with a sense of mystery.

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