Thursday, 28 January 2016

David Cameron loses it.

Fury has erupted as David Cameron lost it yesterday  during his attack on Jeremy Corbyn at PMQ's and now he's paying for it.
He has been criticised for  describing Calais refugees as 'a bunch of migrants' while Jeremy Coryn attacked  cruel and unjust bedroom tax  and derisory Google tax deal, his comments  have been described as vile and hypocritical as they came on Holocaust Memorial Day, using flippant remarks to score political points, at a time when we are facing the greatest refugee crisis of our time. Refugees desperately trying to find some safety and dignity to be treated with derision by a Prime Minister who used his position to release vile inflammatory comments. This coming after his  other casual remarks about "a swarm of people " arriving in Calais and previous cheap jokes  cracked  at Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron's expense  after being told about the plight of desperate refugee children.Shame on him as people are dying on our doorstep.
It is now down  to the rest of us to  show him that the spirit of compassion lives on, to do what we can to help and to ensure that the rest of the world knows that David ' dishonourable reptile' Cameron and his ilk are not representative of the rest of us and keep on staying human. 

Here's the late great Tony Benn, spot on as usual.

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