Saturday, 30 January 2016

Musical Heroes

( will end the month with this poem, released last night at my monthly  Cellar Bards  meet,  a response to  people who have moved my world. These people are not flawless though, I do not worship them , but their voices have carried me  through lifes struggles, and continue to impact on my days.)

Musical inspiration,
has rippled through my days,
in summertime and the coldness of winter,
waiting for springs return,
old heroes keep drifting by,
intoxicating my world with their senses,
wild in imagination,
flickers of light that keep on shining,
high above forever flying.

Sounds released .
give me a glimpse of yesterday,
a glance of tomorrow,
alpha moving with Omega,
playing leap frog in the rain,
earth beats keep on swinging,
the end is never quite finished,
as another day unfolds.

Musical heroes keep on giving,
refusing to go  gently in the night.
signals and currents,
endlessly captivating,
voices strong that never disappear,
so thank you,
John Coltrane, Gil Scot Heron,
Bessie Smith, Woody Guthrie,
Joe Strummer, Lemmy,
Billy Holliday, David Bowie,
fellow astronauts,
travelling upon oceans of sound.

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