Monday, 4 January 2016

Britain isn't eating

Ian Duncan Smith is said to be furious about this billboard campaign from the 'Church action against poverty' charity which suggests people are using food banks as a direct result of his benefit cuts. The fact is Tory policies cause poverty and trying to divert us from this wont mitigate this truth. The Government and Ian Duncan Smith would prefer it if we do not hear about it's victims, the effect that  their policies have on ordinary people across this land. As benefit sanctions continue to bite, the growing use of food banks show no sign of abating  as we enter 2016, even though Ian and his chums keep saying there is no link with their welfare reforms or  their rotten austerity ridden policies. It is a real scandal that Britain is still experiencing hunger in the Twenty First Century, but that's life under Tory's for you. 
Let's make him more furious by sharing this image as wide as possible.

Link to campaign :-