Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Speaking Out

( after losing an unusual amount of followers on this blog in last few days. My voice still rings out.)

I usually have something to say
Whether you listen, or not that's ok,
My thoughts can be furious
or can  gently float,
trying to release meaning
standing alone, raising voice.
I try to release words
speaking out when I want to,
will apologise when necessary
as long as I still have breathe,
will try and keep on being true
refusing silence, allow words to engage,
sending out messages to fight and heal,
against injustice, senseless war
the horrors of the world,
in  anxious, restless times
try to stay present while I can,
continue to bark out loud,
allow thoughts to unravel
escape and enclose.


  1. TBH, i think it's more likely they were terrified of the picture you posted of yourself that accompanied that post mate. 8-)