Thursday, 14 January 2016

This resilient thing called love

( another poem for Jane, my partner  returned home  the other day, after  6 months  stuck in hospital.)

I have experienced it's effectiveness,
as it has carried me,
through seas of melancholy, 
over plaintive depths,
have felt it's touch from afar,
after it called to remind me,
flying across the evening skies,
allowing dreams to persist,
filling thoughts by day and night,
inflaming heart with joy unbound,
a gentle beauty that blows away confusion,
in the swaying grass, under the stars,
withstanding  the tests of time,
lighting paths, for souls to navigate,
beating in unison, dancing in tune,
wrapping tenderness closely with care,
allowing play and kisses to restore,
fluttering musical notes to be released,
sweet explosions of truth,
breathing fiercely in the air,
glowing like a pearl,
this resilient thing called love.


  1. What a luck to live a reciprocate love!

    Franca Panizza

  2. Glad to hear your sweetheart is back home with you, and now that " play and kisses " is back on the menu i do so hope the dark days have expired leaving just a life of joy and happiness for you both.

  3. cheers Lee, nice one, it is a relief.

  4. cheers Lee, nice one, it is a relief.