Friday, 1 January 2016

Wheels of time

( I don't really celebrate the new year, just another day merging into another, but it does give me time to pause for reflection, in a gazing at the bottom of a glass kinda way. So happy/new year/ blwyddyn newydd da, hope the year ahead brings  much hope and promise, I give thanks to my friends in what has been a difficult year, for their support, you know who you are. Continue to be awesome. Best wishes, heddwch/peace.
Here's a poem. Oh dear!

Time is precious, waste it wisely,
as it flashes by in moments,
testing faith and patience,
this resiliant necessity, unavoidable essence,
waits for no one, moves in constant rearrangement.

Time costs nothing,
lets the world reveal itself,
rattling with kaleidoscopes of change,
acting as a catalyst for transformation.

Time carries us in all directions,
giving and taking in equal measure,
allowing tomorrow to call,
the past to fade gently away.

Without hesitation or pause,
time sets course and destination,
as thoughts fly freely,
enables us to find what we need,
good health, friends and companionship,
peace and hope for all mankind.

Relentlessly engulfing,
the wheels of time keep turning,
allows dreams to restore,
for love that exists in hearts,
to last a whole life long.

After the storms have gone,
allows the sun to shine again,
to chase away the darkness,
can move what we see,
in simple acts of believing,
has the capability to heal.

Time moves fast,
though the hands of the clock seem slow,
awaiting now for springs return,
for life's renewal, 
new buds and leaves to grow.

In my imagination, 
past, present and future is stored,
sewn together in unity,
poems arrive, take journeys on clouds,
wait for injustices, to unravel,
for time, to take away  discontent,
to drown me in seas of hope and love.

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