Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Support the Junior Doctors Strike

The Tories are saying that Junior Doctors are being misled  by the BMA, this is not the case, we are being misled by the Government. Junior Doctors  are intelligent, experienced and reasonable  people who have simply had enough, who spend their lives  interpreting complicated information, who  simply do not want  unsafe  contracts to be put into place. With  a ballot that  saw 98%  supporting strike action, they have  no other choice now than taking action.
It is the Government that keeps attacking the  junior doctors suggestions and proposals,  vilifying and underminding them , smeared by the right wing press in an attempt to break them and the N.H.S. Their new contracts  will force them to work longer and more unsociable hours with a slash in their wages of  up to 30%. The new contract  will also see moves  making junior doctors work overtime for no extra money. The N.H.S  is already on thin ice, stretched to breaking  point, and these new  contracts could force more doctors to leave their career, or see them moving abroad. I truly believe they are worth defending, who  also have a great deal of sympathy from the wider public, knowing that their battle is part of a wider one against the Tories and their policies of austerity.
Personally  if  it was not for the N.H.S my partner would probably be dead. Out today after 6 months of caring support in a N.H.S  hospital. The N.H.S  truly  is a wonderful thing, as is its  workers so needs all the support that is available.
So solidarity and respect to all the junior doctors and all those striking today, no cuts, no privatisation. Remember as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for the N.H.S it will survive, and who would you  rather trust with your lives,  Junior Doctors or a Tory Government?  Simples  so support the Junior Doctors. They really do deserve it.  Without the N.H.S  we wont be able to bring it back, it will be a return to the dark ages, that the Tories so want us to return to.
Lets hope they  get a fair deal  that help get our N.H.S working again. Serving and protecting us all.

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