Friday, 22 January 2016


( under the influence of a few jazz cigarettes

In dreamtime 
I drift with subconscious mind,
releasing abstract threads of memory,
from deep repostitory of brain, 
in transition, some become reality,
journeys for the future to bridge,
flickering in colour, protective spindles of feeling,
lingering passages of twilights passing pages,
swaying through the day and night,
opening mind, releasing feelings deep inside,
gathering scraps of everything, 
fading in and out, never submitting to defeat,
waiting for notions of days to come,
days of change tumbling  forward,
sparks of magic, spinning through tomorrow,
touching the earth, with explosions of breath.


  1. What are these " Jazz Cigarettes " you speak of ? They appear somewhat inspiring, me Hearty

  2. wonderful things, unfortunately illegal to possess.Who knows, this might change one day.