Saturday, 23 February 2019

People who betray those who gave them power.

"I'll be blunt with you Roy, you talk about cancer - I feel very strongly about people whose entire life depends on the working class movement, your father was a miner, he was in jail during the General Strike, you got into parliament as a Labour member, every office you held was because of The Labour Party, Cabinet Minister appointed by a Labour Prime Minister, and then you left the party
Now THAT'S a cancerous growth. People who betray those who gave them power are the real threat, and I must say that bluntly those who stay true to those that put them in power - these are the ones I admire."

Tony Benn speaking to the traitor Roy Jenkins, who, along with Shirley Williams, Bill Rogers & David Owen formed the so called 'gang of 4' who cemented Margaret Thatcher's rule in the 80s.

As Tory Austerity continues to tear our lives apart, the new so called called Independent Group betrays all who voted for them, if they were really committed to helping the lives of millions in Britain  they would not be fuelling the Torys fragile grip of power.

If they actually had the guts and did the decent  thing they should all face by-elections immediately, I truly believe they would be absolutely crushed. At the moment they are just a bunch of elite opportunists, who have absolutely  no mandate.The SDP though actually had some policies, but like yesterday the Independent Groups are the same sneering traitors who are never forgiven by history.


  1. Spineless. Someone has to be at the coalface, someone has to go over the top when the whistle goes. These people don't like to get their hands dirty. Good riddance to no where. Got to take the rough with the smooth, Dave. ~ Huw Thomas.

  2. cheers I agree, only just got back online.