Tuesday, 26 February 2019



Awoken again with mind ablaze
Tangential thoughts flooding my brain
Lost in times deep seated memories
Scrapped Poetry snippets strewn across the floor
Proscrastination fuels my aversion to tidying up
Time now to walk through sunshine
Reflections of wonder, surfacing embrace
Within the minds eye
Opportunities present themselves
Lessons to be taught again
Time to go for papers, rizlas
Follow some straight lines
Allow the darkness to recede
Find some glimmer to share
Reflections of inner hunger
In the garden look for serenity
Beyond the fractures, the deep blue hue
States of karmic energy
Awakening again
Fractal dreams igniting
Passions thirst liberating
Springs eternal kiss releasing
Guiding obsessions emanating
Forever lost in fierce permanence.


  1. Nice. Now why would you want Rizlas?... : ) Did you know that Gwyn Thomas taught in Cardigan for a while, before his then Barry Grammar School move? If you have not read his book, "A Few Selected Exits", do. The local library, if it hasn't been shut down that is, should have a copy. I highly recommend, if haven't. And this weather is barking! But wind and rain soon, for St. David's Day on Friday - what a pisser, so to speak, Dave. - Huw Thomas.

  2. because I'd run out, yes was aware, have a few of his books on my shelves, fortunately we still have a library, was under threat, but safe or now,used to be my office, all the bst. D