Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bad News in December

Yesterday in a mad rush for war,
we saw reason crushed,
after a peacemakers son, **
made the case for air-strikes in Syria,
saw the house of commons applauding,
exploiting issues of terror for political gain,
deciding to send hawks of war,
instead of peaceful wings of doves.

Men and women in London,
once again drawing maps,
to serve their own interests,
instead of yours and mine,
actions that can't be unmade,
allowing the odour of death,
to be cast upon foreign land.

Not in our names people cry,
they dont support this government,
and are not sympathetic to terrorists, 
simply don't want more bad news,
in the coming months after December,
will continue to work for peace's endurance,
for friendly shadows to be shared among us all.

** refers to Hilary Benn, Tony Benn's son

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