Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Treat bullying David Cameron with all the contempt he deserves.

David Cameron  recently said that those who oppose bombing in Syria as terrorist sympathisers, he has since refused to apologise. Power has simply gone to the head of this Typical Eton bully boy, he shows utter contempt for many people in Britain who simply do not want the bloodshed of innocents to be shed. It seems that he is incapable of listening to those that do not share his illogical  point of view.
 He is clearly a laughing stock, worrying though with such a dangerous level of power. It makes him out as contemptible and desperate as he makes this awful slur on those trying to deliver peace.
We should not be enslaved  by this horrible hypocrite, we should carry on being human, and working for peace, if they ignore us later as I fear M.Ps will, we must strive to beat them with a more reasoned response. In this present time his marks unhelpful and deeply offensive. Follow people of principle instead of those who continue to unleash their arrogance and wilful disdain for others opinion. 
Does he not realize or has he just turned blind,  started listening to outside agendas, that the bombing of innocents is what most reasonable people would consider to be acts of terrorism. 
Scapegoating people is not a way to win an argument, it is simply name calling of the worst order, he should  be treated with all the contempt that he deserves. Please tell me what is so wrong about standing up for the values of peace and justice?
What about the terror Mr Cameron that you have unleashed on the poor, homeless, diadvantaged here in Great Britain?

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