Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Seasons greetings.

Apologies, as  Tory government keep inflicting us daily with their inhuman policies. I truly find it hard  to understand how anyone can continue to support them. Cameron and his party's  policies, continue to be dangerous, , intolerant,and  out of touch, continuing to serve vested interests that create added burdens to all those suffereing at the present time. But maybe their arrogance and their recklessness will be what eventually brings about their downfall.
Maybe they might change direction, halt their miserly ways, I don't hold my breathe, we have to keep pushing them though.
Anyway not sure how often I will be able to use or have access to computer in coming days, so as crimbo overtakes, lets  reclaim this period for the masses, and remind ourselves that goodwill is the basis of mutual aid, let us follow the redistributive example of Kropotkin Claus,  and keep on building and creating a future that we can all share.
Oh and let  the principles of solidarity remain for life, not just for one day, so in this season, lets us embrace this reason, lets not follow the whims of those who wish to command and control, keep spreading peace and goodwill to your fellow woman /man.
Lets try not to forget at this time of year, those who have nothing to celebrate, allow them to overcome obstacles  as they face hard times that lie all around.
Thanks to all that have dropped on by, solidarity.... heddwch/peace, remember mutual aid, the gift that keeps on giving. lets forever decorate the future with equality and allow us to cherish the value of cooperation instead of following paths of greed.
Lets hope too that all the worlds disorders somehow right themselves in the coming months ahead, as we continue to spread our messages of love and hope,and gather, renew our strengths. 

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating, happy holiday's, whatever you happen to subscribe to.

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