Friday, 11 December 2015

Save N.H.S Nurses bursaries

My partner has been stuck in Glangwili General hospital for last 5 months, looked after by an amazing compassionate dedicated staff. That help deliver a personal touch, that doctors  have not the time to.
It saddens me though that our cruel Tory Government are  planning to force nurses  into debt of at least £51,000 by making them pay the entire bill for their training, even though nurses at the moment spend 50% of their training time working for the N.H.S on clinical placements and their starting  salary is £22,799 as spelled out in George Osborne's spending review last September.
Ask your MP to stand up for the N.H.S and its nurses. This plan will make recruitment even  harder for the N.H.S, and putting the N.H.S workforce under increased pressure, but that is probably the Tory's big plan. Already there is a crisis with more patients and less staff, with the service stretched to breaking point and running out of cash.
Nurses are already underpaid for the life-saving work they do and now the Tory's want to allow them to start their career in debt, if they are not put of training altogether.
These bursaries offer a lifeline, allowing individuals  to attend university and meet their extensive and demanding clinical placement hours.
It allows nurses to devote their ability to care, the plans will mean  that many people from poorer backgrounds will be unable to fulfill their dreams. 
The Tory's are trying to destroy our beloved  health service, their plans are simply unfair and wrong, we cannot allow them to achieve their aims, working with health workers and the unions we must  fight together to stop this from happening. Their plans are simply unfair and wrong and disgraceful.
Nurses are the N.H.S's pride, our lions, I am extremely grateful for all that they do.

Petition doing the rounds can be signed here, please do and share :-

Keep the N.H.S Bursary

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