Monday, 28 December 2015

Musical highlights of the year

It's been a rather surreal year, what with my partners having spent nearly half of it stuck in hospital here in West Wales. Despite this there have been  much musical pleasure that has been released in the last year, that have given me some kind of respite, thankfully. Most of the following I actually have copies of, some kindly copied for me, I do like to support musicians, the following are some of my musical highlights in no particular order.

1. Datblygu -  Porwr Trallod

2. Sleaford Mods -  Key Markets

3. Fundamental - A Philosophy of Nothing.

4. Suns of Arqa - All is not lost but where is it?

5. Asian Dub Foundation - More Signal More Noise.

6. Gwenno - Y  Dydd Olaf

7. Cosmo - Hiraith

8. Selector - Subculture

9. The Ex - The Ex live at BIMHUIS (1991 -2015)

10. Efa Supertramp - Rhyddid yw y Freuddwyd

11. Sendelica - Anima Mundi

12. Killing Joke - Pylon

13. Seckou Keita - 23 

14. Bjork - Vulnicura

15. Tinariwen - live in Paris.

All in all not a bad musical year roll on 2016. Sorry that this post was just a boring list, check the artists out, on the net, you will not be disappointed, well maybe.


  1. ADF's album is called "More Signal More Noise" FYI.

  2. what a twattish mistake, corrected, apologies.