Saturday, 19 December 2015

Phil Ochs( 19/12/40 -9/4/76) - What are you fighting for?

Today would have been the 75th birthday of the late great Phil Ochs. This was the gut who wrote all the political songs that people loved, that could have been written today, that people hoped Bob Dylan would write.
He did all he could to change the world in the 1960's. With his plaintive voice and passionate opinions, best known today for the many protest songs he wrote on war, the championing of civil rights, pacifism , social justice and revolution.
Unfortunately he suffered from manic depression, and life got to much for him, and he sadly took his own life in 1976.
However depressed I personally get because of social injustices, the weight of the world, life in general , his songs that could have been written a moment ago, still have so much relevence, reminding us what we can do while we are still here. 
Here was a man who while alive, did more for peace than any soldier did for war.
Nearly 40 years after his untimely death he continues to influence with his beautiful haunting 

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