Tuesday, 1 December 2015

On the imminent threat of war. ( Words have not failed me)

I wanted to start December with a happy optimistic post, but as the UK prepares  to exercise its historic role on the people of Syria, and warmongerering M.Ps join in to push us into committing itself to airstrikes here's this post instead. 
The conflict  in  Syria is already 4 years old,  the revolutionary Kurds  have been fighting against Isis all this time have been ignored time and time again, as they make their stand in places like Kobane and Rojava on the Turkish border.
If we want to take sides, if any at all, why are we not backing the PKK, who want a future that is not dictated by either fundamentalists or imperialists, or anonymous who are taking on Isils propoganda wing.
Furthermore  in  the past two months  alone Israels armed forces and armed civilians have killed 108 Palestinians, the vast majority simply executed, and  also over 2,000 Palestinians have been arrested, at least 350 of them being children. No emergency debates about this in  our great Houses of Parliament.
Politicians however like to start wars, and are quite prepared to ignore chaos and misery elsewhere, perhaps it serves their warped objectives. While I understand that the brutality of Isil and Assad must be stopped,  I feel we must  try and  find peaceful solutions that challenge too the UK/NATO imperialist policy of supporting Turkey/Saudi Arabia etc etc.that will not mean the loss of innocent lives, allowing  us to enter into another drawn out grubby little war, that will  have terrible consequences, that will  probably act as a recruitment call to Isis's death cult, they do not care who is killed, what terror is wrought, it  will just serve their twisted purpose. Lets stop their supply of arms yes, by stopping all arms and munition sales to the region, and cut of their supply of money by stopping Turkey and surrounding states bringing them oil.This is how we can truly help the Syrian people, after all it they that we are supposed to be helping. It is these people in the region that truly matter, if  we are to deliver  them from the evils of both Assad and Isis.
Oh yes their a lot of oil in this region, oil of course means  profit, that's why Cameron  perhaps forgets about Erdogen's violent suppressions, Israels illegal occupation of the Golan heights on the Syrian  border. The whiff of hypocrisy abounds.
Do we simply forget the tragedies of Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, Libya. Does history has to  repeat itself, I don't think Cameron's call is a considered one at all, as for terrorism it will certainly  increase the likelihood of it coming here to Britain.  I do not see how it can possibly have any positive  contribution to our national security. Lets not forget how Cameron was in a similar rush to lead us to war in Syria in 2013, that time on the side of ISIS or whatever they were called  then. Thousands have taken to the streets  in recent days voicing their objections, clearly saying no to the imminent threat of war,  but  the peoples wishes  are  wilfully ignored by Cameron and  his allies, surprise, surprise.
We have no money for welfare, but suddenly have more than ample for another deadly war,  but Cameron and his allies do not seem to give a damn, as they continue to press forward with their deadly plans, that will  only serve to endanger  Syrian civilians, already in a perilous  situation..
Who in their right minds can support Cameron's plans, propping up a  multinational imperialist agenda. leading us into a probable unwinnable war Said it before, I guess (but the world does this to me unfortunately) my mind truly boggles at the moment, it truly does.


Black Sabbath - War Pigs

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