Saturday, 19 December 2015

Slipping back in time

( dedicated to the Kellingley miners)

I remember 1984,
when we fought for our lives,
when the enemy within, 
were the rulers of the land,
who took away our opportunities, 
robbed us of our jobs,
so we fought back strong,
for our communities, 
and our class.

30 years have passed,
and politicians continue to plunder,
bringing fear across the land,
aided by right wing press,
delivering austerity politics ,
designed to tear lives apart,
it's all still out of order.
as they return us to yesterday,
slip us back in time.

As miners bid emotional farewells,
after working their final shifts,
like those that walked before them,
let their struggles continue to inspire,
as the rich keep getting richer,
because of opportunist interest,
the poor get poorer,
our government turns blind eye,
tension fills the air again,
because we're slipping back in time.

And as they dismantle our sustenance,
steal our dreams away, cut our welfare state,
the ghost of Margaret Thatcher lingers,
her legacy still doing the rounds,
now is the time to seize close,
all the hope you can find,
bury the iron lady's memory,
forever deep down a mine shaft,
with strength we can move forwards,
forge a new future bright,
stop them from slipping us back in time.


  1. The Miner’s Lament

    Sweat and toil, lift and strain
    “O” my God, bodies in pain

    Wife and kids sick in bed
    Got to work so they are fed

    Swing that pick, shovel that coal
    Give me strength in this cold
    Black hole (chorus)

    Can’t give up for life’s too dear.
    Death’s the thing that all we fear.

    Take my sleep when I can.
    Lift my head and its work again.

    Swing that pick, shovel that coal
    Give me strength in this cold
    Black hole (chorus)

    Work I do is hard and grim.
    With the load I bear, I can’t give in.

    A mining man is what I am.
    Dust and sweat in my blood.
    Up to my neck in dust and mud

    Swing that pick, shovel that coal
    Give me strength in this cold
    Black hole (chorus)

    This breed of man with backs all bent.
    Who work the coalface to pay their rent?

    Corns and blisters, hard work and pain
    Are every miner’s middle name
    Swing that pick, shovel that coal
    Give me strength in this cold
    Black hole (chorus)

    So if you’re willing to do my job.
    Give this prayer to your god
    “Give me strength and make me fit”
    “To face the perils down that pit”
    “It’s not my fault that I’m poor”
    “So let me see the daylight”
    “Just once more”

    Swing that pick, shovel that coal
    Give me strength in this cold
    Black hole

    Peter Wicks

  2. cheers for sharing this powerful, moving evocative poem. Regards.

  3. Some jolly fine work my friend. The Wicked witch from Grantham kindly popped her clogs on Monday 8th April whilst staying in a modest abode " The Ritz " London. I know this as i bought a copy of every newspaper the next day and made a poster collage detailing her not being alive anymore, hung it on my wall and when feeling depressed i look at the pictures and read the obituaries and feel all warm and peaceful, no longer depressed. So much damage, so many lives dismissed, so much evil scheming that lives with us to this day. She put in motion despicable rules which Cameron's Government lovingly follow and build upon. But she is dead, let us savour that with every heartbeat.

  4. cheers lee, despite our best efforts her toxic legacy lives on, cameron and his chums, still cutting of sustenence to whole communities,consolidating as much power to be wielded by their greedy hands,and we are still paying the price for the damage that she wrought, her rotten poisonous ideology unfortunately lives on, rather than eradicating poverty in our society, the divisions that have remained with us since Thatcher, our current incubents, want to carry on what she set out to achieve, driven by cruel malicious agenda, as they continue to wreak havoc on the lives of the poor and vulnerable. All the best.

  5. On other topics, i hope your lady for so long unwell in hospital finds strength, recovers swiftly so once again she sees the sky, feels the wind, the rain the Sun while walking hand in hand with a smile so splendid upon her face that joy again fills both your hearts. I do wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you can find some joy and peace, holding strong for you both, good times me hearty, Lee.

  6. cheers again, matey, won't be long until she is walking again freely,amongst us, she has retained her strong spirit, despite it all, so, that she can continue to be a faithful guide,friend and companion, to all that hold her precious, thank you kindly all the best... seasons greetings.