Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Togetherness ( for Jane)

There have been heavy rains,
but a flame is burning as the planet rotates,
togetherness is far more than just a word,
it keeps us alive, keeps us afloat,
in each sky there is a sea,
and in each awakening there is a tear,
we roll on waves of uncertainty,
looking for reason, in every season,
in unity's dance, every drop of rain,
trickles down vessels of the heart,
releasing songlines to the spirit,
to allow the glow of love within to shine,
allow the afternoon to leap,
give strength as the world turns,
storming the impossible,
with sufficient precision,
from the declivities that surround,
our paths are level, we walk in union,
sharing dreams on the crossroads of forever.

( Jane incidentally is my partner,
who has been stuck in hospital
for last 5 months)