Sunday, 6 December 2015

Datblygu - Porwr Trallfod; a testament of truth

Datblygu a favourite band of mine , seminal  Welsh post-punk legends,  have just released their latest album. It is called Porwr Trallford ( Tribulation Browser)
A continuing journey of the magical force that is Pat Morgan  and David Rupert Edwards,  delivering again a smouldering sound of truth.
Dave like a lot of us  has unfortunatley  has  over the years had to battle and endure mental illness, but despite it all,  with this record, he keeps delivering a  poetical depth of beauty and raw honesty.
I confess now that I personally know Dave,and over the years and so have witnessed his strength, his friendship and love, that has carried and lifted me, kept me afloat  in my own periods of darkness.
But at the end of the day, if you want hear  some truth. switch off the mainstream news, seek out this record full of lyrical beauty, of  musical depth, and emotion, carried in the medium of the Welsh ,a  message that will  also enable you  to fall in love with this rich language.
When the lights continue to go on and off, here is a light that delivers truth and soul.
So if your into christmas, I can think of nothing  better to send than this wonderful record, that truly deserves a much wider audience, with messages of hope, taking in Jack Kerouac, Richard Burton, broken britain, alcohol ,lust, life and loss, a passionate voice from here in West Wales, a clear ember from the soul,  that will leave you blinded with beauty as the world's dark shadows  drift. All in the beautiful medium of the Welsh language.
This is truly a beautiful gift of a much needed poetical genius.
So diolch yn fawr, thank you very much Pat and Dave, I continue to love your journey and gift immensely,  I will end  with a quote from Mr Edwards  - "there's no need to analyse, feelings so pure."
Seek this record out I guarantee it will not offer you any disappointment.
I  for one will continue to love Datblygu's  music ureservedly. a band that almost stopped me going completely insane.

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