Monday, 1 February 2016

Poem for Imbolc

( Imbolc marks  the start of Celtic Spring, the arrival of longer, warmer days, and the early signs of spring, so I offer you this poem.)

The earth again prepares for spring,
Awakens after the coldness and dark of winter,
Life begins to grow in the wombs of the earth,
Bulbs planted begin to gently explode,
St Bridget's day, the gift of name,
Given to my mischievious  daughter,
Fertility today returns unbound,
To stir our spirits, kiss our lips,
Deliver to us a poetic muse,
As the sun glistens in the sky,
We embrace the wheels of change,
We still cling on, still keep faith,
blessed Imbolc, blessed be.


  1. This is lovely! Happy Imbolc and love to you and your mischievous daughter! x

  2. cheers, thanks for your appreciation. Warm regards.x

  3. Love the poem..... Love this time of year :-)

  4. chucks, yes it isone of my favourite times too, as everything reawakens.

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  6. original image removed,which I did not have permission to use, that I got from google images, a picture of a St Bridget cross, who my daughter was named after, among snodrops. Guess when using google images, one should be careful about copyright, some prople can get upset. I aplogise unreservedly for upsetting the owner. hought it was such a lovely universal image.

  7. Thank you for your understanding, and for removing the image. This was created specially for a friend's website, so the image appeared on Google (quite a few times!). Google does say 'Image subject to Copyright'on its pages, and I would rather the image just be used for the purpose intended, or where I have given permission.Your apology is accepted, and thank you for your kind comment about the image.