Thursday, 25 February 2016

Cameron is a loser

( unedited poem , just arrived in library)

The N.H.S is a peoples pride 
but man in expensive saville row suit,
would rather pour scorn and snide,
should be ashamed of his policies,
not how the other half dress,
because most of us are currently,
caught up in his toxic mess,
a Tory elitist of swaggering arrogance,
scurrilous profiteer, robber of our heritage,
many of us don't sing God Save the Queen,
because as the Sex Pistols sang, she aint no human being,
so Cameron time to put aside your pointless jibes,
stop releasing to the nation your negative vibes,
as you  pander to corporate lobbyists and big business,
cutting peoples benefits while suffering from illness,
a voice for his friends and the filthy rich,
time for us to ignore you, give you the switch,
you stopped listening a long time ago,
left us with no room to grow,
cuts for carers, the poor and vulnerable,
your a viper in disguise, so very dishonourable.


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