Thursday, 4 February 2016

Remembering Dietrich Bonhoeffer (4/2/06 -9/4/45)

Today marks German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer's birthday known for  his stand against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party for his courage to resist. Today I honour the memory of Bonhoeffer. I think that it is crucial that we do and also remember that we also have the privilege and responsibility to follow his example.
This was a man who actively resisted the Nazi regime from the time of Hitler's  ascent to power in 1933 until the bitter end. A well known pacifist who had a change of heart when it came to Hitler and joined with others to seek his assasination. The attempt sadly failed and they were arrested  and most were summarily executed. Bonhoeffer was probably one  the most courageous voices in the Christian church in the 1930's. He felt it was his integral duty not to remain silent appalled by most of the collusion of his church its silence about the demonization and oppression of Jews in Germany. Like a prophet from the bible. he took a lonely stand, and was not much appreciated during his time. But we see who is right now.
In the darkest hours of the twentieth century, he gave his life to the point of martyrdom.
We must continue to take a stand. lend our voices , spirit and solidarity to all those currently today facing injustices.
He continues to hold much relevance.

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