Saturday, 6 February 2016

Yonis Reuf ( 1918-1948) - Ey Reqib

' Ey Regib ' is an anthem of Kurdistan written by Yonis Reuf, who was also called 'Didar.' He was born in February 1917 in the city of Koye located in  Erbil Governote. After finishing school in Kirkjuk, he moves to Baghdad and studies law. ' Ey Regib ' was written in 1938. At the time  hie is in jail in the Kurdistan province as a political prisoner.
'Ey Regib' means literally ' hey guard,' but the title is more  translated as 'hey enemy'. It was the song of the short-lived republic of Mahabad in Iran in 1946 and is still sung across all of Kurdistan. principalities. 
It has also become the song of the Parya Karkaren Kurdistan , the Kurdistan Workers Party ( PKK) in its struggle against the Turkish State. In Turkey and all across the borders the Kurdistan people have had their rights denied. Ey Regib tells the story of their struggle and how a nation  has thrived throughout history against their oppressors. Their language and culture of the people, their right to self determination has suffered under continual state denial and prosecution.
This time must end. The Kurdish people have the right to be themselves, to speak and write and to work  and sing their own song.
The Kurds of Rojava  and Kobane canton of  are currently fighting ISIS . Building a new world in the shell of the old. Planting seeds of imagination. Showing us another world is possible. Victory to the Kurdistans.

EY Reqib

Hey Enemy, the Kurdish nation is alive with its language
Can not be defeated by the weapons  of anytime
Let no one say Kurds are dead
Kurds are living
Kurds are living, their flay will never fall

We, the youth are the red colour of the revolution
Watch our blood that we shed on this way
Let no one say Kurds are dead
Kurds are living, our flag will never fall

We are the childrem of the Medya and Keyhusrew
Both our  faith and religion are our homeland
Both  our faith  and religion are Kurd and Kurdistan
Let no one say the  Kuds  are dead
Kurds are living, their flag will never fail.

The Kurdish youth  have risen like lions
To  adorn the crown of life with blood
Let no one sayKurds are dead
Kurds are living
Kurds are living,  their glag will never fail

The Kurdish youth are ever present and
Forever will be ready to sacrifice their lives
Sacrifice each life they have, each life they have

Lawi Kurdi  hazir u  amadeye,
Giyan fidan e, giyan fida her giyan fida
Giyan fidan e, giyan fida her giyan fida 

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