Friday, 12 February 2016

IDS Murders

This video is intended to raise awareness of the thousands of avoidable deaths, that have happened as a result of welfare reform.
Only today in the Independent newspaper there is a report of a mentally ill man who committed suicide because his benefits were stopped, allegedly murdered by the Government according to his sister.
There have also been cases  of  peoples ESA  being stopped despite their own doctors being adamant that they were completely unable to work.
The flawed work capabality Assessment is also causing unecessary deaths by forcing the long term sick and disabled into work or work-related activity.  It is currently causing untold fear and misery for the country's most vulnerable. It is supposedly  designed by the Government as a way of assessing how an individuals  disability or illness impacts on their daily life. It is not designed to diagnose or treat a medical condition. It is not supposed to add pressure and fear and  contribute to  peoples ill-being.
How many more of us have to die? None of us want to be victims. We are brothers, sisters, mums and dad, friends and neighbours. But our safety nets, that used to be there are being torn to shreds, people are being left with no vestiges of hope. The welfare state was built on the idea 'from the cradle to the grave ', sadly this has now become a reality for many.
Obviously there are hundreds and thousands of people who have not been killed by Ian Duncan Smith's Government,  but one thing I am certain off, is the Work capabilty Assessment must come to an end in order to stop hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives from being a miserable daily battle for survival, and become more flexible for the needs of the most vulnerable. People who are sick need all the support they need. I sincerely hope people keep saying no, and rejecting the Tory's approved cruelty.

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