Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Solidarity to Junior Doctors taking Industrial action today.Save the N.H.S

Not taking place here in Wales,  for the time being  because the NHS in Wales is devolved. Since 1999, the Welsh Government has been involved in running its NHS, so for the time being will the junior doctors contract already in place, so Junior Doctors will be working as normal today. We are  guess most fortunate to have the NHS in our hands for now. We still have  public service  being run not for private greed. Catching up at last, after all  the Welsh have generally been poorer and sicker than the English  for at least the past 300 years.
Nevetheless across the border  Jeremy Hunt has vetoed  a deal that would have ended the junior doctor's  dispute, that was supported by the NHS's own negotiators.  At the same time N.H.S trusts cannot balance books because of poor funding. A political decision to create room for private enterprise  in healthcare. Cuts elsewhere such as in councils, has also piled on the pressure. Despite taking place in England, we must stand together until their is fairness for doctors, safety for patients  and safeguards for the future of the NHS everywhere. After all the approach taken by the Government in England is still an attack on us all.
The government is trying to crush the doctors and the NHS,  ( an  essential service that  the Welsh people helped create, modelled on miner's mutual aid schemes, ) whilst  undermining the BMA  and allow it to fall into the hands of the private sector, we can't let this happen. We must all support the junior doctors, to stop Jeremy Hunt from forcing doctors into accepting a contract that puts more live  at risk.  Dangerous to patients  because tired doctors don't perform at their best, and mistakes will be made.
Another Pig headed Tory ideological  attack on hard working honest people. Remember doctors save lives, Tory's take them away.We must continue to support the junior doctors and all those who seek to defend the NHS,  porters, cleaning staff etc etc  standing shoulder to shoulder with them all  in solidarity.


  1. Jeremy Hunt has just arrogantly announced, that he is going to ignore the concerns of the junior doctors and the medical profession and impose new working conditions anyway. Declaring effectively that democracy is dead in this country.

  2. Remember Jeremy **** is a duplicitious cockwomble.