Tuesday, 16 February 2016

VA. A Warmer Welcome by digitalDIZZY

A Warmer Welcome is a benefit release for # refugees welcome  http://www.refugees-welcome.org.uk because offering sanctuary to those in need is a proud British tradition. Protecting  people who have fled their country because of well-founded fears of being persecuted for reasons of race, nationality and membership of a particular social group or political opinion. The refugee crisis will neither go away or simply diminish.
As long as there is  open conflict, poverty and countries with better conditions that will accept people, the problem will continue. It is our duty as fellow humans to welcome  them and give sanctuary. We can not sit back and be indifferent. Remember refugees are a product of humanity's worst instincts - the willingness of some persons to oppress others, but on  the other side of the coin is there is a willingness of many to assist and protect the  helpless.
A Warmer Welcome is a collosal cast of underground musical magic. From the mighty Astronauts, to Neil Campbell of VibraCathedral Orchestra fame, Zoviet France. Ashtray Navigations, the seminal Devotional hoolingan, Celt Islam. One Eyed God, I-Odica and Dog Dub, and local heroes to my neck of the woods Mwstard, and many more. When I say many more I'm talking of a staggering 110 tracks all for the bargain price of £5. A collection that spans all genres from Dub, Experimental, Ambient, Punk , Drone, Noise, all unifying for one cause there truly is something for everyone.
The music I've  heard so far is very special indeed, the result being an array of many different moods, that keep stimulating pace and releasing their individual power, because  of the themes and motives, all banded together for a common cause.A dizzying array of diveristy and musical freedom. Strongly  recommended you wont be dissapointed, as long as getting some fantastic music , you will be contributing to a great cause. Music to uplift and capture your soul, and help your fellow human at the same time , now that is what I call magic.
You can have a free listen to most of the tracks in the following link, but once drawn in, I hope it will entice you to buy a digital copy of this fantastic piece of work, one love,solidarity, no borders are necesary  fight the power.



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