Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Lets be honest, there's got to be a better way.

" Lets be honest. The activities  of our economic and social system are killing the  planet. Even if we confine ourselves merely to humans, these activities are causing unprecedented privation, as hundreds of millions of people and today more than yesterday with probably more tomorrow - go their entire lives with never enough to eat. Yet curiously none of this seems to stir us into significant action. And  when someone does too stridently point out these obvious injustices, the response by the mass of the people seems so often to be a figurative if not physical blow to the gut, leading inevitably to a destruction  of our common future. "

- Derek Jensen, The Culture of Make Believe

I strongly believe that capitalism has a lot to answer for. Its daily contribution to human death and human misery has simply become unbearable, am not sure how our wonderful planet can survive whilst we sustain it. The political and economic and general social structure of world society must now be re-configured to ensure the preservation of all human beings, not just the privileged few, with their vested corporate interests. Interests that want to preserve the old economy that refuses to work for ordinary people nor the planet. Power hungry interests that are currently tightening their grips. The ranks of this powerful elite no longer restricted  to those who are actual members of Government or the bureaucracies  that buoy them up. This elite now embraces the top executives of the ever growing  multinational  corporations that are tightening their grip on the governments in both developed and developing world.  
Surely the human race should be sufficiently intelligent enough by now, and be able to take control of its own destiny, and refuse to be defined,  by the warped logic that  controls us now.  Directly responsible  for creating the huge gulfs that exist now between the rich and poor.
We should not  sit back and accept this inequality, thankfully a growing number raising their voices, saying no,  a growing populist movement, seeking fairness over privilege, a disparate anti-austerity social and political forces angered and increasingly made desperate by the crisis that I have talked about that is currently pulverising our society. That challenges the forces that try to chain us down.

I am not a conspirationist, by the way just someone  who truly worries for the world, I wonder if we don't change  things soon whether there will be a planet worth living in for the generations to come. There must be a way of taking back control from the hands of a few greedy individuals. Every day I walk on this planet I hope that we find a way to implement some change. To make this world a better place for those that come after us, a world beyond the shackles of corporate greed.
The refugee crisis  that we are currently witnessing is also one of the most dramatic expressions of the crisis of a social system that is no longer capable of coping with the most basic needs  of the vast majority of humanity. The despicable treatment metered out to them is also the product of an equally profoundly inhumane social system. The world migrant crisis is a symptom of the inevitably uneven and combined development of the capitalist system . It condemns billions of people to grinding misery while lavishing an untold minority with untold wealth. An inequality  that fuels migration to better parts of the world. 
The crisis is a product of a consciously created  poverty, the dispossession, , oppression and exploitation of the greater part of humanity by the few, which simultaneously creates mass human poverty and enclosed havens of wealth. Combined with imperialist  backed war s wars In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya that have made  millions homeless and pushed people into grinding poverty.Thus helping create hells on earth.

The  response from country's largely  responsible for their misery in the first place is not to end the  bombing and looting  in the respective refugees country's of origin.Instead they set the wheels in motion to make their flight from  hunger and war even more difficult.
There's got to be a better way. When we all stand together young people and old, saying loudly and clearly that enough is enough, that the world belongs to all of us, not just those on top. We will  truly transform the world for the better.

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  1. And it's about time someone invented bloody Hover Boots. Hover Boots are so obviously Mankind's next step on the evolutionary ladder to Enlightenment, Tolerance, equality and getting about a bit without having to walk.