Monday, 8 February 2016

Gazans struggling to stay warm this Winter.

While we in Britain moan about current weather conditions, spare  a thought for the people of Gaza. Still in the grip of a crippling illegal blockade. Deprived of food and medical supplies.basic items like lightbulbs, baby formula, mattresses, blankets, shampoo, conditioner and building supplies. Today Israel does not allow except 12 basic items to enter Gaza , out of 9,000 commodities.From soap to coffee , from computers to spare parts. Despite an agreement between the Palestinian Government, Israel and the United Nations that allows a small amount of building supplies for reconstruction  the blockade persists  and the Egyptian border is closed, Gaza exists as an open air prison with no access to the outside world.Many homes still  damaged and unrepaired since the 30 day war waged by Israel in the Summer of 2014,
Meanwhile unemployment has reached 75% according to the World Bank. There is currently a massive gas shortage  and people are struggling to say warm. Now heavy winds and floods have made things worse. The  cold increasing this peoples suffering. Paralysing the daily life in the Gaza strip, keeping most of the population in doors, with schools and universities being forced closed.
With further bad weather imminent, what little hope they have we  might presume will be washed away. But the Palestinian;s resilience is a strong one and despite these people being poor and their conditions being hard. These proud people  still manage to stick together and find ways to survive whilst retaining their dignity and respect.
As fellow humans  in acts of solidarity we should do all we can to end this immoral sieqe of Gaza. It is our duty to  restore their life.

Gazans struggling to stay warm this Winter.

Gaza's enduring spirit lives

These are not chess pieces,
these are people,
struggling to retain dignity,
in an open air prison,
bitterly cold,
their thoughts ,
cling to freedom,
as distant lights,
offer some consolation,
hues of hope and warmth ,
to gently protect,
Gaza still breathes,
with keys of memory,
still releases it's tale.
does not stoop, or lay broken,
Gaza's enduring spirit,
lives on and on.

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