Saturday, 13 February 2016

Jeremy Hunt's pants on fire.

Yes Jeremy Hunt's been caught lying again,  claiming to have the backing of 20 NHS bosses for his decision to impose on junor doctors unravelled as at least half have said they never agreed to supporting the deal. Also a junior doctor  has accused him of 'spin' manipulation' and lies', a Dr Rachel Clarke, interviewed by the BBC recently. 
Not the first time Hunt has been caught lying, further evidence that he simply cannot be trusted. But remains willfully arrogant, as he ploughs ahead trying  to enforce a new contact, one that could see mass resignations, impose it against a peoples well, despite reaching any agreement. Tory democracy in action.
He and his partners in crime, the Conservative Government will stop at nothing to privatise the NHS. He has continued to lie in the House of Commons and should therefore either resign or be sacked, actually if all Tories' resigned for misleading the public, their would not be any  left in Parliament.
Anyway his actions continue to expose their warped philosophy, and now the country as a whole are right behind the junior doctors, their fight is our fight. Ordinary people across the land supporting their plight. But the Tories will continue not to listen, try and crush everyone of us into submission,  but we can't let them.
The Tories are dangerous though, let's not forget this for a moment, they don't give a flying ****  but we have to keep holding them to account take them on bit by bit, unless we want to sit back and stay silent allow the Tories to carry on creating a frightened , selfish, greedy society. Remember we might have another 4 years of their deceitfulness and crap unless we stop them. Jeremy Hunt and his chums cannot be allowed to simply get away with everything that they wish.  


  1. Agree with every word, Tories are lying, treacherous people and anyone who votes for them should look in the mirror

  2. cheers agreed, thanks for your comment. Regards.