Saturday, 20 February 2016

Vi Subversa ( Frances Sokolov Sanson 20/6/35 - 19/2/16;) - Poet of Subversion R.I.P

Sad to hear that Frances Sokolov better known by her stage name Vi Subversa, died yesterday passing away peacefully after a short illness , aged 80.
A hugely important figure in the music and counter-cultural movement often called Anarcho Punk. An inspirational voice  who leaves a strong legacy for all that listened to her. Brilliant poet, singer , writer, anarchist activist and front person  for the legendary Poison Girls, anarchist feminist band that between 1977 and 1989 were a potent force  in the international peace movementhe was one of the first Punk musicians to feature feminism in their music.
Her first public performance was at the Body Show at Sussex University in 1975. Then in 1979 at the age of 44, she released her first single with the Poison Girls.
Frances was much more, than a musician, she was a pioneer who  broke through society's taboos and restrictions. A true independent spirit with highly politicised lyrics,subversive from the outset, with anti-establishment attitude exploring issues of gender and sexuality, alienation, her voice was one of unbridled raw emotion, of hope and rage, that had the authentic ring of experience, in a husky smoke stained voice akin to Marianne Faithfull with a passionate edge. Making effective and clever points with intelligence rather than sloganeering. unafraid to tell us with gutso what she is thinking. with deft touches of humour.
Subversa was born of East German Jewish parents, spending two years in Israel in the late 1950's working in a ceramic pottery. She had two children Pete Fender and Gern Stone who both became members of Punk bands themselves. 
I was fortunate to see the Poison Girls play live at the 1985 Glastonbury festival, cracking.
Her words have lit pathways among the shadows of the world, releasing tides of resistance, to help shape and make the world a better place. Messages of powerful expression, that long will inspire.
Vi Subversa Rest in Power 

Poison Girls - Real Women

Statement - from Wargasm (my first introduction to the world of Vi Subursa)back in 1982


Poison Girls - desperate days

Poison Girls - Price of Grain