Monday, 15 February 2016

Mermaids of the Sea Exhibition Aberteifi/Cardigan:- A poetical response.

A quick plug for this exhibition,  currently taking place in my hometown of Cardigan. Aberteifi, imaginative and innovative, well worth a visit, full of inspiring stuff, that celebrates the mythical allure of mermaids and the sea. It is worth noting that every water-based culture has their own mermaid stories, tales of Merfolk that are both magical, beautiful , mysterious and terryfying, the following  is my own poetical  response to the mermaids call.

A lament for the Mermaids

Out of our depths, 
The mermaid swims,
Releasing salty tears,
Tries to embrace,
Our struggles and pain,
Visions of beauty,
Whose siren calls,
Tries to awaken us,
Carry us to imaginations depths,
On currents strong,
Beyond the world's confinement.

Among the sea beds they dance,
Guided by constellations,
The swells of tangled threads,
Want to hold us gently close,
But are too afraid of being caught,
By natures tempests and fishing nets, 
Cruel hooks and traps,
Wishing to remain immortal and free,
Elusive creatures of the sea.

Long  may Neptune offer protection,
sustain these senses of wonder, 
voyaging  among the oceans pathways,
dazzling spectacles releasing undulating light,
beyond shores of exploitation,
singing among fathoms deep,
resting  upon pillows of pearls,
serenaded by underwater acoustics,
on seafoams of infinity, 
and the deep abyss of sanctuary.

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