Friday, 11 September 2015

9/11 Never forget

On this day a US backed coup killed  60,000 people to install a dictatorship in Chile over the democratically elected President Allende. Yes the events of the other September 11, were tragic and criminal, but the overthrow  of the democratic elected government of Hile on September 11, 1973 was a terrible watershed too.
Hundreds of real and suspected Allende supporters were gunned down in Santiago soccer stadium, that had been fashioned into  a torture center and concentration camp. Across the nation, in the streets and military detention centers, Pinochet's fascist regime murdered and tortured tortured thousands in the first few months after 9/11/73.
1 milllion  Chileans were forced into exile. To this day for Chileans this day is remembered as the day that marked the beginning of a 17 year reign of terror, when a dark shadow was cast upon the nation.A day that still has a profound resonance in daily life.
What was to follow was years of  dictatorship,repression, torture, forced disappearances and fear.
We should never forget.

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