Saturday, 12 September 2015

Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn, hope has returned

Well done Jeremy Corbyn, a new day has dawned. It is so good to see this country alive again with passion, people talking about values, integrity, going against mainstream consensus, despite the propoganda of the right wing media.
It is obvious that a mighty shift has occurred across the land of Britain, as we witness this historic victory, a party has elected an individual with a clear radical alternative voice. About bloody time. A new kind of politics has emerged, just what the country needed, standing against austerity, capitalism, giving power back to the people. I have noticed in the last few weeks how his voice has invigorated people turned off by the political machine, that crushes hope.
I do not endorse any political party by the way, but I think that the chances of a better, fairer, stronger Britain are greater now with Corbyn as leader of the Labour party. Now we continue, on the road to a more positive future,  for fairness, against injustice, planting seeds of resistance.
Time to celebrate, as hope is returned,  time now to garner strength, to continue our endeavours in kicking the bloody Tory's out of power.  Creating a brand new system, that cares for the unemployed, the disabled and the sick, that serves the real needs of the people.
A revolution of the mind is being sown.

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