Friday, 25 September 2015

Song for Shaker - Four Feathers

This roots reggae song by the band Four Feathers  featuring the journalist Andy Worthington is now available as a download, 25% of sales going to Shaker Aamer's family.
It calls for Shaker's release from Guantanamo and his return to his family here in the UK. It starts and ends with Shaker's voice. Shaker Aamer,a charismatic figure  was born in Saudi Arabia, and has four children with his British wife. He has been twice  approved for release from Guantanamo. The first time was in 2007 under George W Bush then in 2010 by Barak Obama. Even David Cameron has personally asked Obama for his safe return to the UK. 
Now 45 he has spent nearly 13 years behind cars, detained without charge - apparently indefinitely, in these years Shaker, who is said to be riddled with arthritis and other medical problems, has claimed to have been tortured, and  in addition to his own torture has witnessed the torture of others.
He is still contained because certain  people are more afraid of what he might say upon his release than the continuing injustice of his case.
No more excuses time to bring  Shaker Aamer  home now.

More details on his case here :- 

Link to earlier post  which includes poem  for Shaker penned by me.:-

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