Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A life in pieces

( a found poem, I had been working on, where I have written a poem made from titles contained within my bookshelves, but following blog, it seems already had the idea too:-
Nevertheless a fun experimental piece to do.)

A life in pieces, no logo,
small is beautiful, the shadows know,
beyond good and evil, sleepers awake,
in wildness the preservation of the world,
No, I'm not afraid.

Mi Revalueshanary friend,
you are therefore I am,
infinite justice, brighter than a thousand suns,
to care for the earth, lady sings the blues.

Welsh landscapes, concentric circles,
Axe handles, left out in the rain,
chasing black rainbows, facing demons,
out of the dust, to bedlam and half way back.

The dark stuff, a riot of our own,
beautiful losers, under the volcano,
prick up your ears, smiling in slow motion,
downriver, lipstick traces, let it come down,
up above the word, demanding the impossible.

A socialist faith, no gods no masters,
solidarity forever, the hill of dreams,
man's search for meaning, the quickening maze,
sunbathing in the rain, dancing on stones,
how late it was how late, rip it up and start again,
the days run away like wild horses over the hills.

( do you recognise any of the titles?)


  1. Yes I did. Love the line ' beautiful losers under the volcano '

  2. cheers..... two of my favourite books by the way.