Thursday, 3 September 2015

Food for thought.

When you go to bed tonight - think about this. Think about the Daily Mail hate filled headlines.  Remember that migrants and refugees are just like you and me - people wanting the best for those they love - children, mum and dads, grandparents. If the above image  does not change the world. I'm really not  sure what will. History is going to judge us very harshly, and rightly so.He symbolises the desperation of many, he should be lying safe in bed tonight, cosy and warm, but Europe would not let him pass.
So heartbreaking, so harrowing. Only 216 Syrian refugees have been allowed into the uk so far. Are they really such a  burden. We should put our common humanity first and not blame those feeing war and perecution, but those that instigate and facilitate it. The bodies of the wealthy elite, propped up and prioritised and privileged,  over human beings not lucky enough to be born in the right place at the right time.
My voice,gets swept away in this torrent of tears, I do not blame the sea, I blame humanity. 
The British Government needs to do much more for the refugess fleeing Syria and elsewhere. I would encourage everyone to sign the e petition to the UK Government which last  night had 27,000 signatures and now has  over 112,000, making it eligible for a Parliamentary debate. Please keep signing. Refugess are humans in distress. They need santcuary. They should be welcomed here.
No one is illegal.


  1. I was moved by this sight, moved to tears. I get so angry when the world looks on and ignore, surely a dead child washed up on a beach alone and cold should move the hardest hearts. The world needs to look on and not look away...Eli Wiesel spoke of those who look away, today, we should look and feel and make a stand for humanity...the time is NOW!

  2. thanks for that, it is imperative, that we reach out, as humanely possible, we cannot just let their plight be ignored. and recognise the urgency of the situation. Regards.