Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Nations Hero :- An Ode to Owain Glyn Dwr ( 1354- 1416)

Not a lot of people know this but September 16th marks Dydd Owain Glyn Dwr/Owain Glyn Dwr,Welsh/Cymry natonal hero, known in English as Owen Glendower in honor of the uprising that began on this day, that sparked his stand against the English crown. The following is a poem in his honor

Hail Owain, a nation's hero
heir to Cadwalder the blessed,
for years he wandered among his brethren
never to be betrayed, defender of the common people,
resurrected the feeling of pride and love of country
hatched and fed our fledgling dreams; 
to this day his inspiration fires.
He saw the people of his land
writhing under , tyranny and misrule,
poets through the centuries 
have sung of  their longing for his return,
that he would lead us again to freedom.
One fair day in September 1400
Owain attacked the town of Ruthin,
raised his standard high, left it in flames
took possession of the lands of Lord Grey,
and in this way a Guerilla war was begun.
Welshmen hastened from all parts of the country to join him
and in short time he had a huge rebel army under his command,
over the coming years, great victories were heralded
churches followed towns into flames,
the castles of Abergavenny and Crickhowel
Caerphilly and other castles fell,
and the Bishops palace at Llandaff raised.
Henry IV planned to send many armies
sent one to Owain's home at Sycarth,
and burned it  down to the ground
but this saw Owain's army cutting of their supplies,
and saw them scuttling back to England in rapid haste.
At Machynlleth he created a Welsh Parliament
and here was crowned Prince of Wales,
he told the Parliament gathered
of his plans to build and create great Universities,
and promised to restore the old laws of Howell the Good
with his strength and power he wanted to use it for
                                                            the good of the land. 
King Henry stopped him in his tracks
And in 1405  took mighty vengeance,
many Welsh soldiers were slain
soon for Owain, came defeat after defeat,
but faithful friends clung to him to the end
until Owain simply disapeared,
to this day his resting place remains unknown.
Centuries now have passed, but his name forever honored
by us Cymry, because he was the peoples champion,
and his ideals still continue to inspire his nation
and remains forever in our hearts,
still haunted by his lightning vision
when the people of the land were free,
his light shines on all who  still believe
as  the Cymric dream still shines bright.

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