Wednesday, 30 September 2015

For Palestine with Love

(today the Palestinian flag will be raised at the the United Nations for the first time, a proud and emotional day.)

I have never been to Palestine,
but it is a country I have grown to love,
the scent of its soil so close,
even though as I write  it is in chains,
and its cities daily bleed, voices weeping.

I cannot afford to grief, because its future cry's out,
where faces shine with faith and trust,
the land from the rivers to the sea, free again,
with one soul, hand in hand,
the lands fragrance, penetrates awareness,
a homeland restored, to how  it used to be. 

Thousands return from exile,
with kindness, humbleness and respect,
refusing to surrender ever again,
allowed to snatch a few moments of joy,
watch olive trees blossom, vineyards planted again,
no longer uprooted, from the desert earth, insistence grows,
oppression now banished, the people awake again to laughter.

No more babies maimed, no more crying,
air around , breathes in peace, infectious smiles again released,
as the suffocating smoke of war is extinquished,
until this freedom is returned, I will continue to speak out
with my pen, try to transform  darkness into light,
keep delivering messages, for Palestine with love.

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