Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A poem for Liz ( on the anniversary of her reign)

( The reality is that the Queen has succeeded only in serving the monarchy and the status quo. It is now time for the country to look to the future and to choose a successor through free and fair elections, one who can genuinely represent the nation )

The world is run by a cadre of  fools,
in this country Queen Liz rules,
today we remember 63 years,
seven months and two days, of her reign
but her majesty, did not want any fuss,
I couldn't agree more, how about you?

For me, just a representative of a monolithic institution,
what is her value, what is her contribution?
for some a strong figurehead as our head of state,
steadfast, constant, dutiful, regal, wise and respectful,
an image  carefully orchestrated by PR and media,
for others an undemocratically elected parasite, 
with vestiges of power and privilege, more than a tad outdated.

The Queen has survived this long, as head of state for one reason,
she has never had to face election, or to be held to account,
so for me, today is not the day for celebration,
but could be a good  one to press for radical reform,
time for Liz and co to embrace the modern world,
allow her loyal  subjects to debate and decide,
this gesture would indeed fill my heart with pride.

Maybe she could consider retiring,
move to a more modest little home,
her gilded palaces could be set aside,
to house refugees and the homeless,
now that would be a splendid idea.

Meanwhile outside her gates,
we wake again to disturbed reality,
empty hearts and broken dreams,
on roads of austerity, feeling too much sorrow,
our seasons garments lay tattered at our feet,
among the ruins, some of us refuse to bow,
we will not remain loyal to the crown no more.

( Viva La republic)

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