Thursday, 10 September 2015

Love's cry.

(for Jane)

Love's cry occupies waves of thought,
follows sky, earth, sun and moon,
more powerful than any government,
weaves a sweet fabric, sings freedoms tune.

In a darkening world, awakens senses,
dances alongside, curves of existence,
with skin and bone, we gratefully receive,
as she embraces all, across the globe.

Consists of magic and understanding,
is often watered down and diluted,
by forces of hatred and division,
but continues to fill silenced  voices,
with wings of desire, allows us to stay human.

A touch that's near in any impossible season,
with her kiss rescues, feeds, everlasting reason,
there are moments when she will be very quiet,
but most of the time, you will hear her mighty roar.

Difficult to see, when the whole world is screaming,
when humanity is  daily being battered and broken,
but unregulated when darkness draws near
it's light is never far from returning clear.

Will sprinkle it's light, among the degradation,
among the suffering poverty and hunger of the world,
beyond debates in parliament or the United Nations,
it's heartfelt reason will be forever released.

Ancient and modern is it's tribal pulse,
in the night and day its cry carried on tears of struggle,
it's spark could unite us all, if we were not too blinkered,
I think it is the only good thing that can hold us together.

In desperate times, we all need something to cling too,
something clear, like in the morning when the sun rises ,
or when time, awakes you from sleepless dark nights,
love's cry can't stay away, can be the safest feeling in our hearts. 

It's patience is finite, and it's fuse is quick to ignite,
with it's power can overcome any regime,
can  build and grow, overthrow times of burden,
love like every beautiful poem is an act of resistance,
can break through walls, and levels of understanding,
trust it, guard its essence well, hold it close.

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